What you need to know about your mailbox

Are you getting ready to install a new mailbox or newspaper delivery box along a county road?

Here are some things to know:
Mailbox installations must conform to U.S. Postal Service regulations and follow standards set by the Ingham County Road Department.  The Road Department has improved these standards to provide safer roadways for county residents and the motoring public.


  •  On paved roads, the roadside face of the box must be offset the width of the shoulder plus eight inches.
  •  On gravel roads, the roadside face of the box must be eight inches from the edge of the traveled portion of the roadway.
  •  On curbed streets, the roadside face of the box must be eight inches from the face of the curb.
  •  When a mailbox is installed in the vicinity of a guardrail, the box should be placed behind the guardrail when possible with the face of the box even with the back of rail.
  •  When a mailbox is located at an intersection, the box must be a minimum of 100 feet beyond the center of the intersection in the direction of the postal route.  If traffic at the intersection exceeds 400 vehicles per day, the distance must be increased to 200 feet.


  •  Mailboxes must be constructed of sheet metal, plastic or similar weight materials, with weight not to exceed 11lbs.
  •  Newspaper boxes may be mounted below the mailbox on the side of the mailbox support.
  •  No more than two mailboxes can be mounted on a support structure unless the configuration has met U.S. Department of Transportation crash test standards.
  •  Multiple installations must meet the same criteria as single mailbox installations.
  •  A single four by four inch square or four inch diameter wooden post, or light gage pipe with a strength no greater than two inch standard steel pipe must be embedded no more than 24 inches in the ground.
  •  The mailbox and its support will be considered hazardous to motorists when traffic speed limits are greater than 25 mph and the box and the support exceed the described structural limitations.
  •  Exceptions must be approved in writing by the Ingham County Road Department.

If you have any questions  Call the Ingham County Road Department at:(517) 676-9722 or 1-800-968-9733 or come in and see us at: 301 Bush Street, Mason, Michigan 48854.