Road Construction

2021 Tentative Ingham County Major Road & Bridge Projects
(subject to change per on-going revenue decline due to COVID related travel and fuel tax declines) 

Onondaga and Leslie Townships:

Onondaga Road to Hull Road Intersection (Leslie City Limit).  Crushing existing pavement, asphalt resurfacing, and widening the paved roadway to include 4 ft paved shoulders. Drainage improvements and ditch clean-out to restore intended drainage.  New traffic signal and ADA sidewalk ramp upgrades at Hull Road Intersection.  Road closed to through traffic during construction with short term hard closures for drainage and culvert replacements.  Posted detour via Barnes Road and Old Plank Road.  

Lansing Township:

-   The roundabout at the intersection of Wood Street and Sam’s Way.  High-friction surface treatment placed through the roundabout, new sidewalk ramps, and areas of new curb and gutter and concrete pavement repairs.  Lane closures and shifts will occur to accommodate construction of improvements.  Full roundabout closure anticipated over a weekend, dates TBD.  Posted detour via Coolidge Road and Coleman Road.

Wood Street to West Road (East Lansing City Limit).  Milling and resurfacing.  After resurfacing, the road will be re-striped to match the existing lane configuration.  New sidewalk ramps, curb and gutter, and concrete repairs.  Staged construction to maintain 3 lanes of traffic, however, alternate route(s) highly recommended: EB use Wood Street to Coleman Road to Coolidge Road and WB use Coolidge Road to Saginaw Street to Grand River Avenue to Wood Street. 

St Joseph Street to Michigan Avenue.  Milling existing pavement, asphalt resurfacing, curb repairs.  Traffic will be maintained, but with various lane closures during work operations.

Meridian Township:

North of Mount Hope Road (immediately north of Briarcliff Drive) to the bridge over the Red Cedar River.  Milling existing pavement, asphalt resurfacing, curb repairs, ADA ramp upgrades, and cross-over improvements south of Eyde Parkway.  Traffic will generally be maintained, but with various lane closures during work operations.  This project will be completed during the summer while MSU is not in session and before work begins on the Okemos Bridge project, see below.  

The Hagadorn Road project, Holt to Jolly Roads, as previously planned with tree removal, full depth pavement recycling, resurfacing, and shoulder widening, is on indefinite hold given substantial objection from the public to tree removal along the project area.

However, Ingham County Road Department (ICRD) does plan some additional thin maintenance paving between prior maintenance paving stretches on existing road width (no shoulder widening or tree removal) this season and chip sealing this year or next to maintain the serviceability of the road until the larger project may be pursued in the future.

ICRD also routinely trims and/or removes dead trees and limbs that may become a fall hazard in the roadway.  Please contact ICRD is any such trees appear to need attention.

ICRD has applied for a federal safety grant to improve the Hagadorn-Sandhill intersection with a modern roundabout, which would occur in 2023 at the soonest, if awarded, which we will not know until late fall this year.  Special federal safety funding is needed to pursue a costly project such as roundabout.  This project would also include approach profile improvement and some tree clearing for improved visibility, although required visibility is present at the existing intersection.

If the originally proposed Hagadorn Road project is ever resurrected in the future, which is very unlikely for at least several years, additional notice will be sent out again at that time to all residents and stakeholders to resume public involvement and provide additional ample opportunity for input, notice, etc, before any work ever begins.

Please feel free to contact ICRD by phone or email if you have any further questions on this project or any other county road concern.

Vevay, Ingham, and White Oak Townships:

M-36 to M-52.  Highway Safety Improvement Program to upgrade the horizontal curve signing.

2021 Bridge Projects:


-   Okemos Road Bridge over the Red Cedar River between Mt. Hope Road and Clinton Street, Meridian Twp. – Replacement of existing NB and SB structures with single 5 lane, single span bridge including pedestrian facility along the east side, along with bridge approach and Mt. Hope intersection reconstruction, traffic signal and sidewalk/ramp reconstruction.  NB Okemos Road will be closed and detoured via Mt. Hope Road, Hagadorn Road, and Grand River Avenue. SB traffic will be maintained throughout construction except for a brief period to accommodate construction staging.  The pedestrian truss on the West side of Okemos Road will remain in place, however pedestrian traffic may be restricted during periods of construction.   This project will begin in late 2021 or early 2022, and be completed in summer 2022.


-   Waverly Road Bridge over the Grand River between Ransom Highway and McCue Road, Delhi Twp. – Replace superstructure on existing abutments and piers, along with bridge approach reconstruction.  Waverly Road closed during construction and detoured via Columbia Road, Onondaga Road, and Holt Road.