Managing Director
Under the direction of the Ingham County Board of Commissioners, the Managing Director, William Conklin, manages and oversees all activities of ICRD personnel.  He works with each department director to give direction, resolve problems and inform them of policies and procedures.

At the direction of the board, the Managing Director:
  • implements the long-range plans for the road system
  • develops and reviews contract documents for construction projects, equipment, supplies and township projects
  • acts as the spokesperson for the ICRD with the news media, civic and community groups as well as professional organizations.

The primary duty of the Operations Department is the maintenance of roads, bridges, equipment, and the buildings and grounds of the ICRD.  There are over 1,249 miles of roads, 68 bridges, over 400 different pieces of equipment and 16 buildings maintained by the Operations Department.

Maintenance of roads is performed by 44 employees whose duties consist of snow plowing, ice removal, storm clean-up, roadside maintenance, gravel surfacing of roads and shoulders, asphalt patching, drainage improvement, chip sealing, street sweeping, shaping gravel roads and other miscellaneous road maintenance.

Seven mechanics service and repair all of the equipment.  Major equipment includes approximately 26 single axle dump trucks, 24 tandem axle dump trucks, 30 units of off-road construction equipment such as graders, loaders and hydraulic excavators, 8 aerial trucks, approximately 50 pickup trucks and automobiles.

The 16 buildings, two gravel pits and various other properties are maintained by one full time employee whose duties include electrical, plumbing, carpentry, heating, ventilation, mowing, painting and many other tasks.

The Director of Operations is Tom Gamez.

In general the Engineering Department develops the plans and specifications for road and bridge construction and resurfacing projects, oversees construction work being performed, permits and manages new subdivision street construction, issues permits to trucking companies, contractors and utilities companies to work in the road right of way and ensures legal use of the Ingham County road system. There are 11 employees in the Engineering Department.

The Director of Engineering, Kelly Jones, supervises all employees in the Engineering Department, reviews the layout and design of proposed public roads in new subdivisions for compliance with established standards and  develops road and bridge improvement programs for presentation to the Managing Director and Ingham County Board of  Commissioners.

Most project plans and specifications are developed by the Design Engineer with  Engineering Technicians performing the computer-aided drafting work.  The Design Engineer also oversees the designs being performed by consultants hired by the ICRD. Once the plans and specifications are developed,  the Construction Engineer works with contractors, to construct the improvements, processes  pay estimates, reviews and approves inspection reports, testing results and supervises the Engineering Technicians inspecting contractor work.

The Permit Department issues permits for new and existing driveway installations, all proposed installations or work within the road right-of-way, special events that use the road system, over size loads, special moves, and annual permits. The Weighmaster/Inspector inspects the work being performed under these permits to promote a safe work environment and that the work conforms to permit requirements.  The Weighmaster/Inspector patrols the road system to ensure that trucks are of  legal weight, legal size and to make sure they have proper documentation for the loads they carry.  The Weighmaster/Inspector also has the title and duties of the Permit Agent who is also responsible for the adminstrative processing of permits.

Traffic and Safety
The Traffic and Safety Department plans and implements traffic engineering activities, in compliance with state law and established standards, to provide for the safe and efficient movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic on roads under the jurisdiction of the ICRD. The department personnel accomplish these activities by installing and maintaining traffic signs, traffic signals, pavement markings and performing traffic studies. There are currently four employees in the Traffic and Safety Department.

Two employees plus the Sign/Signal Shop Supervisor work in the sign shop to manufacture, install and maintain approximately 17,000 roadside signs. These signs warn motorists of dangers, help direct them throughout the county and regulate their driving behavior by the use of, but are not limited to, the following signs: stop signs, speed limit signs and no parking signs.

The Sign/Signal Shop Supervisor and one employee work in traffic signal shop.They install and maintain over 60 traffic signals at major intersections under the jurisdiction of the ICRD. The signal shop employees also install, repair and maintain approximately 150 two-way radios which are used in our vehicles for communication.

There are approximately 1,250 lane miles of pavement marking placed by private contractors under the watchful eye of traffic department personnel. The pavement markings also include legends and symbols, such as railroad symbols, school legends, crosswalk lines and the many arrows placed on the pavement to help motorists make lane selections at busy intersections.

The Director of Engineering, and the Traffic Engineering Technician conduct many different types of traffic studies. These studies include traffic volume counts, vehicle speed studies, and turning movement counts.

The goal of the Traffic and Safety Department is to provide the safest and most efficient road system possible.

The Sign/Signal Supervisor is Tom Husby.