Cedar St Project - College to Holbrook


The Ingham County Road Department (ICRD) plans to reconstruct Cedar Street between College Road and Holbrook Drive during the 2023 construction season, which was postponed from 2022 due to funding constraints. Project development is currently in the preliminary design phase. In an effort to engage stakeholder feedback, the ICRD is providing additional details below regarding the currently proposed project. The preliminary plans for the project are located on our website at roads.ingham.org by clicking on the “Cedar St Project” link

1) Background Information. Cedar Street from College Road to Holbrook Drive is currently a four lane boulevard with numerous non-conforming direct median crossovers. Due to design requirements linked to the use of federal funds, Cedar Street cannot be reconstructed maintaining the current direct crossovers. The current design standards require indirect left turn (“Michigan Left”) crossovers similar to the current configuration between College and Howell Roads.

Early this year, the ICRD released two concept designs for public feedback: one plan to resurface the existing four lane boulevard, with construction of Michigan Left turn crossovers (eliminating the existing direct crossovers); and an alternative plan to eliminate the median and construct a three-lane roadway with a continuous center left turn lane. Comments received from stakeholders at that time reflected a desire to retain four traffic lanes.

Due to numerous challenges associated with creating a four lane boulevard that meets current design standards, such as the limited room to accommodate the turning radii of commercial vehicles in the Michigan Left crossovers, the ICRD has developed an alternative plan to meet the stakeholder request for four lanes of traffic and accommodate commercial traffic. The current plan proposes to construct a five-lane roadway, which consists of two lanes in each direction and a continuous center left turn lane. The proposed continuous center left turn lane will provide safer and more convenient access to side streets and driveways, rather than limiting left turn access to discrete locations.

Additional safety improvements to Cedar Street include the realignment of the intersections with Edgar Road, Harper Road and College Road. Access to Hogsback Road will be eliminated at College Road, with new access points directly connected to Cedar Street. The northern section of Hogsback Road at Harper Road will also be eliminated, but the two property owners on that segment of road will be provided direct access to Cedar Street.

2) Further Description and Benefits of Five Lane Design Further Description and Benefits of Five Lane Design. The existing boulevard consists of a 42-ft wide southbound roadway, a 29-ft median and a 42-ft wide northbound roadway for a total footprint of 93-ft. The proposed roadway will have a total footprint of 71-ft, consisting of two 8-ft shoulders and five 11-ft wide lanes. The proposed five lane road will be built approximately where the two southbound lanes, median and one of the northbound lanes exist currently. The reduction of the overall roadway cross section will provide additional room for the 10-ft wide non-motorized pathway proposed by Delhi Township, to be constructed within the ICRD’s right-of-way along the northbound side of the road.

Construction of the new road would occur half at a time with traffic maintained in one lane in each

direction on one side, then the other. Access to all properties would be maintained at most times with very brief interruptions to reconstruct driveways.

Benefits of the Five Lane Roadway:

  • Provides direct left turn access to all businesses;
  • The center turn lane accommodates all truck sizes;
  • Maintains two through lanes in each direction, per stakeholder request, which is more than adequate for current traffic volumes and allows for substantial future growth;
  • Storm water quality is improved by eliminating storm sewer reconstruction;
  • Lower construction costs vs. the boulevard option;
  • Efficient winter maintenance operations;
  • Improves safety at the College Road, Edgar Road and Harper Road intersections;
  • Project coordination should significantly reduce the non-motorized path construction costs.

Disadvantages of the Boulevard with Indirect “Michigan Left” Crossovers:

  • Current direct left turn access to businesses would be eliminated, which requires most traffic to make a U-turn through less frequently spaced, Michigan Left crossovers similar to that on Cedar Street between College and Howell Roads;
  • NB and SB College Road would also utilize Michigan Left turns at Cedar Street with direct left turns prohibited.
  • Inconvenience of intermittent one-way crossovers invites improper (wrong way) use;
  • One-way Michigan Left crossovers will not accommodate commercial truck U-turns;
  • Commercial trucks would need to use the Holbrook Drive Roundabout to complete U-turn;
  • Significant impacts to businesses, residents, pathway and right-of-way;
  • Regulations for storm sewer reconstruction will require costly design, construction, and maintenance of water quality mitigation measures;
  • High road construction costs attributed to curb and gutter, pavement, drainage;
  • Inefficient winter maintenance operations due to the Michigan Left crossovers;
  • Higher construction costs for the non-motorized pathway due to lack of construction coordination opportunities and the need for crossing and enclosing portions of county drain and roadside ditches.

3) Stakeholder Feedback.A public information meeting has not been scheduled at this time, due to ongoing concerns with COVID-19. Therefore, the ICRD is welcoming input directly from local businesses, property owners and other interested parties via email to roads@ingham.org or via letter to 301 Bush Street, PO Box 38, Mason, MI 48854. In addition to the information provided in this stakeholder update, please review the preliminary plans located on our website and let us know your comments, concerns, or questions. Your input is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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